New Hope Community Church ELM Resources

We believe that the teaching of God’s word is to play a central role in our worship gatherings, through both the public reading of scripture and the teaching of the word.

All of us are looking for wisdom and insight on how to navigate the complexities of our modern lives, and how to live in a way that humbly and faithfully honors God. Our preaching is designed to integrate biblical exegesis, cultural understanding, practical application, and personal formation so that we learn to think, act, love, and serve like Christ. We value the scriptures as the source and authority of our faith and seek to understand and live them faithfully in our time and place.

We Should be More Angry

Let me start off by welcoming the brothers, sisters and readers of all kinds with a warm welcome and an appreciation for reading. We thank God for each and everyone of you. America is suffering right now. Americans are suffering right now. That’s obvious. I don’t think I have to remind any of you about